1,899 years before the Big Bang Geb and Nut was born

Before the Big Bang Chronos and King Jin fight above ancient Dhéghom during the fight they caused a universal explosion. Cain who was living on Dhéghom became cursed to live forever. The event rips Dhéghom into two fragments, a dead lifeless one named Necrochrize and one that has the potential for life that will someday crash into a developing planet in the Sol System in the Milky Way.

600,798,101 B.F. Necrochrize was sent to this time period after the fight between Chronos and King Jin. The few survivors left the planet to search for a new home. Cain stayed behind and went to sleep.

About 100 million years B.F. The survivors from Dhèghom find a new planet and name it Pyria.

About 20 Million years B.F. Burdigalian race evolves

About 15 Million years B.F. Burdigalians are the first of the new species to reach the stars and starts colonizing other planets.

About 10 Million years B.F. An evil mage discovered King Jin energy and was able to harness it to create spawns. Destroying countless planetes and species along them the Burdiglians. A mysterous group of warriors sealed the spawns and were never heard of again.

1,362,008 B.F. Civilization once again starts up on the planet that is the center of the universe.

About 12000 B.F Kairos is sealed on Nakada, a primitive tribe watches and develops a cult on Kairos. Teono Yumaphen , Yuni Kashn and Tsuzhka attempt to fight Kairos. Teono falls into the time vortex and fights Kairos alone while the others flee. Teono and Kairos are sent to the year 790 for their final battle.

4060 B.F Fu Xi takes control of the Central Planet Government

3978 B.F. Fu Xi flees the Central Planet and lands on a primitive planet and takes control of it. He calls the planet Xian and gets worship like a god.

3878 B.F Fu Xi dies which causes a civil war on Xian.

2000 B.F. Ryu Hakaisha Zatoki marries Panason Peishen but leaves on his quest to sly dragons never knowing she gave birth. One of the dragons he fought was a mystic dragon on Shinrin. The dragon was able to excape before he was able to finish it off but was never able to regain its strength.

2000-1758 B.F. The First Crystal War starts and lasted a little over two hundred years. Greed over the power of the Crystal casued many to fight over it. Towards the end of the war Chornos was somehow summoned killing millions and millions of the greatest warriors. Ryu Hakaisha Zatoki reseals Chronos but at the cost of his life. Some of the remaining warriors decide to create DT in hopes this will never happen again.

1980 B.F. Zaisha, bother to Ryu Hakaisha Zatoki takes one of Zatoki children as his wife. She gives birth to a baby girl.

1962 B.F. Fearing the prophecy of her children being destructive they sealed her in a capsule.

1880 B.F. A capsule falls on Nakada inside the territory of the Nam Empire, they worship her as a goddess. This causes conflict with a neighboring empire that worshiped Kairos.

1664 B.F. Zakin Empire starts to expand

1384 B.F. The long war between the two empires on Nakada end, both empires are destroyed

1094 B.F. Dr Tsume is born

1074 B.F Dr. Tsume Becomes the ruler of the Zakin Empire.

1064 B.F. The Xianese genocide starts when Dr. Tsume invades Xian

1034 B.F. Kazuichi is born

1030 B.F. The Second Crystal War Starts after each branch of DT desires the Crystal for themselves.

1,000 B.F. The Second Crystal War finally comes to an end. An agreement was put forth that every 25 years they would hold a tournament and the branch that wins will be able to keep the Crystal till the next tournament. As the fleet was heading back to Western DT space they came acrossed the Zakin Empire and decide to help the Xianese.

986 B.F. The Xianese genocide ends after Kazuichi team with the help of a mystic dragon sealed Dr Tsume. DT decides to help move the Xianese to a new planet.

983 B.F. Dr. Tsume's heir, Dr Tsume II orders his army to bring the sealed Dr Tsume back to planet Zakin.

980 B.F. The Xianese lands on a planet that is thought to be unpopulated and name it Toiest Xian.

938 B.F. The Zakin Empire declines rapidly to the point where they only control one planet.

866 B.F. Yadon Hakaisha was born

848 B.F.-798 B.F. The Xianese find out there's already a species called the Adkana living on the planet. 50 years of war stars.

821 B.F. Karas, Yadon Hakaisha's son was born

815 B.F. Karas crash lands on Toiest Xian.

801 B.F Karas became the new leader of the Xianese.

798 B.F. Karas made peace with the natives and relocates them to another part of the city away from the Xianese.

796 B.F. DT Agents visit Xian and questioned Karas, amazed at his fighting skill and power they decide to bring him to the Western DT Command. Karas proves to be better than both Kazuichi and the current leader of Western DT, Idai Tsuyoi the third. He becomes the leader and decides to start the placement tournament for all new members that come from the academy.

353 B.F. The Namistic Kingdom is formed

5 A.F. Tsuzhka, who traveled back in time while on Nakada, frees the lady in the capsule. She has no memory of her past and calls herself Tsuzhko much to the dislike of Tsuzhka. Dakanin awakens Kairos.

253 A.F. The Namistic Revolution starts and the King is deposed and a Republic formed. Teono Yumaphen along with Yuni Kashn was sent to this time period. After visiting this time period again they find the Magi Kingdom fighting a war against the Namistic Republic. The Namistic Republic wishes to destroy the goddess capsule but unable to do so.

361 A.F. Fue, Yu was born on Xian

420 A.F. As a baby Teono Yumaphen transported to this year and was raised by the people who found him.

437 A.F. The Luna Wars is concluded with Idai Yowai the 3rd, Klanoa, Haksho, Thrawne, Arnak Sora,Frigidro and Fue Yu defeating Jupiter. After the war Fue Yu crashed lands on Nakada, as the planet was underdeveloped he avoided contact as much as possible.

438 A.F. The Namistian Civil War starts on Nakada, Teono Ymaphen and his find Yuni Kashn went to visit the old hermit Fue Yu in order to trade. After heading home he was attacked by soldiers they manage to get away by hiding in an abandoned bunker and anciently activate a time portal and gets sent to 253 A.F.

503 A.F.- Lunarians lose in a war against the Iczers

621 A.F. Shiku was born

624 A.F. Kiwa was born

655 A.F. Kiwashiku Mercenary Company was formed

677 A.F.- Liung, the Dragon was born

691 A.F. Jukashi was born, Gly was born on Zakin

697 A.F. Teono Yumaphen of Nakada was born, as a baby, he fell down in a time portal and was transported to the year 420 A.F.

698 A.F. King Thurra was born

700 A.F. Mae and Pae was born

701 A.F.- Tsuzhka the 72th ruler of Toiest Xian was born

703 A.F. Shizu is born

707 A.F. Jukashi joins Kiwashiku

719 A.F. Reko is born

721 A.F. Gly becomes the commander of Dr Tsume's Army

725 A.F. Gly wanting revenge on the Xianese orders Project Eranak to take place on Toiest Xian.

721 A.F.- Wulfgor was born

722 A.F. Tsuzhka lands on Nakada due to unusual readings, a nearby empire attacks Nakada thus starting the timewar. Teono gets transported to this time and meets up with Tsuzhka who joins Teono in stopping the nearby empire. Tsuzhka, Tsuzhko and Yuni get sent back to this time period. Fue Yu asks Tsuzhka to let him go with him to Xian. Fue Yu secretly joins Kodica. 729 A.F. Idai Yowai the 5th was born on Xian, Jagaimo was born

730 A.F. - June 6 Zaji, who will later be known as Zaisha was born to Tsuzhka and Tsuzhko

731 A.F. - May 10 Zarp was born to Tsuzhka and Tsuzhko

734 A.F. Gly hires the Kiwashiku Mercenary Company.

Saga IEdit

734 A.F. April 29 Zarp throws eggs at Fue Yu's house who in return throws eggs at Zarp after he finished training. Zarp fights bandits on his way home.

734 A.F. May 1 Fue Yu tells Zarp and Idai Yowai of a secret training spot after Zarp finds household items for him.

734 A.F. May 6 Kiwashiku is ordeed to attack Xian by Gly. Shizu accepts the order and sends his men to attack. Zarp and Idai meet an old man and women after finding a spot to train.

734 A.F. May 7 Zarp knocks the old man and women flying after they threaten them with guns.

734 A.F. May 8 Power was knocked off line in Xian, Zarp and Idai go to the TV Station and fight Mae and Pae and win.

736 A.F. May 9 Shizu personally decides to attack Xian. He kidnaps governmental workers and keeps them as hostage forcing Tsuzkha to give in. Zarp along with Idai Yowai tries to fight off Shizu but fails and is saved by Tsuzhka. Gly learning of this orders Kiwashiku to focus on attacking Zarp while he orders scientist to hurry up with Project Eranak.

736 A.F. May 10 Zarp and Idai Yowai finally kill a weakened Shizu, gets on board to go to Mextex to go to DT Academy.

736-737 A.F. Zarp trains under Master Musul, Master Zisik, Master Hae, Master Starkaz, Master Energos and Head Master Kenryoku.

737 A.F. February 10 - Jukashi of Kiwashiku attacks the DT school. Zarp rushes in to defend the school.

737 A.F. February 11- Zarp graduates from the school early due his actions. Forced to go to the graduation dance.

737 A.F. Shortly after Zarp graduates, Qianwan(l mil kill) kills off the terrorist group called Kodica but at the time killing millions of people along with them.

737 A.F. February 15 17:00-20:00 Zarp gets to a DT space training base and gets told that on the 20th the next tournament will start. The winners of the tournament will be able to join DT.

737 A.F. February 20 08:00 Zarp enters the tournament which lasted a week.

737 A.F. February 27 13:00 Zarp is one of the 5 winners and will have to do the placement tournament which is on March 19th

737 A.F. March 19 Out of the 5 people Zarp gets first place after facing Wulfgor in the end, Zarp is picked to be on Kazuichi team.

737 A.F. April 30 Kazuichi team is ordered on a mission to destroy Kiwashiku

May 24, 737 A.F.-- Zarp defeats the leader of Kiwashiku, Shiku

737 A.F. May 26 Zarp gets kidnap by a group of Lunarians

737 A.F. May 27 Zarp gets taken to the Lunarians base of operations.

737 A.F. June 5 Zarp finally makes it makes it to one of the DT station after fleeing but turns back in shame so he goes to find someone to train him.

737 A.F. June 20 Zarp finds someone to train him for five years

742 A.F. October 14 Zarp finally is done training and goes back to being with DT

742 A.F. November 17 Kazuichi team gets a mission to help a King

742 A.F. November 20 Kazuichi team kills the assassins

742 A.F. November 25 Zarp finds that Kazuichi had the King held hostage

742 A.F. November 30 Kazuichi is put on trial, but he got away with a few battleships which he connected to his mind. People are put in pursuit

742 A.F. December 25 The fighting finally ends with Zarp nearly killing Kazuichi, and before it seems like he dies Kazuichi says that the Changelings hired him.

743 A.F. January 1 Eranak awakens and destroys the lab and destroys Planet Xian with it. Zarp lands on a Changeling outpost and starts killing the Changelings in rage.

743- May 20 Eranak lands on Gluks. Zarp finds out about Eranak and what he did to his planet and makes his way to Gluks.

743 A.F. May 25 19:00 Zarp fights Eranak

743 A.F.- May 25-June 5 Zarp learns of a Dragon God who could restore Xian and everyone on it.

743 A.F. June 5 Zarp has to kill the Dragon God in order to restore Xian and by doing frees Dr Tsuma.

743 A.D. June 24 Dr. Tsume recruits Drakon and Blade.

743 A.D. July 1 Dr Tsume's spies discover the whereabouts of the crystal.

743 A.F. July 4 15:15 Zarp gets a letter for the Crystal Tournament held at the DT school

743 A.F. July 7 12:00 The tournament ends with Zarp finishing 1st. Four robots infiltrate the school to try to steal the holy Crystal that's hidden inside. Zarp finds the robots and manages to destroy three out of four. The last one almost kills Zarp and takes the Crystal and leaves, Zarp then follows the robot all the way towards Xian. Follows the robot's trail all the way towards the mountains but Zarp knowing that there is a shortcut through the Volcano goes there instead. After Zarp exit's the volcano he finds himself inside a burning village. Zarp then gets attack by Dr Tsume(not knowing who he is) and gets left on the ground to die, but somehow doesn't die and found out the robot went down south to a port city.

743 A.F. July 8 00:00 Zarp enters an ally and finds the robot with someone named Blade and the robot attacks Zarp thinking it will win but Zarp manages to destroy the robot. Before Zarp could pick up the Crystal Blade takes it and knocks Zarp out cold. Police find him and take him and put him in prison not knowing that he was the son of the ruler of the planet.

743 A.F. July 9 Zarp wakes up and looks out towards the blood moon and goes berserk, freeing himself in the process. 6 hours later Zarp wakes up outside the city not knowing what he did. Zarp rents a Space Ship to start to look for Blade and the Crystal.

July 13 07:00 Zarp crash lands on a planet named Shinrin. He ends up fighting Eranak, but ends up not finishing once they get attacked by a group of troops.

743 A.F. July 14 Zarp Decides to help Eranak wipe out a base further in the forest after hearing they were not from the barbaric planet.

743 A.F. July 16 Zarp and Eranak makes it towards the underground base and goes in and Zarp finds out they are a sub-branch under Dr Tsuma Army the Excutian Squad under the leadership of Blade, after Zarp and Eranak hears this Geoy comes and then a huge fight breaks out which destroys the underground base and untimely kills Geoy and causes Okimori Moriko's party to come near by.

743 July 17 Zarp and Eranak gets trapped and brought to a scouting camp.

743 A.F. July 19 Okimori Moriko's party come to the camp while none was in it, they take Zarp and Eranak with them, later Okimori Moriko's party gets attacked by the scouting almost everyone in the party dies, Zarp and Eranak get Okimori to free them so they help defeat the scouting squad. Moriko decides to let them follow them to their home city.

743 A.F. July 22 Okimori Moriko finds that Zarp has a wound that could be only caused by a Dragon, Zarp tells her the simplified version. She starts to refer him as Hakaisha.

743 A.F. July 25 Okimori Moriko finally brings Zarp and Eranak to the castle and brings them to her King.

743 A.F. July 26 The King asks for the help of Zarp and Eranak to get rid of the invaders, With Okimori Moriko army they set off to get rid of the invaders.

743 A.F. July 31 Zarp and Company. get back from the battlefield only to find that the king has been overthrown. They then assassinate the Self Proclaimed King of Shinrin.

743 A.F. August 1 Okimori Moriko decides to take them to the plains in which they will be able to see Misc City.

743 A.F. August 3 After the long journey they finally make it but finds a young girl named Ayeke wondering around, and with Zarp thoughtfulness, he lets her tag along and Okimori Moriko decides to come along even more until they make it to the city.

743 A.F. August 7 After reaching the city they hear Ayeke sad story so they decided to help each other out. They board Ayeke's ship. Right before the ship's door were closing Okimori Moriko came rushing inside before the door was closing. And with that Zarp now Zarp Hakaisha, Okimori Moriko, Ayeke and Eranak Set off to outer space.

743 A.F. August 10 Zarp and Company get attacked by Kazuichi, crash lands on Cerberal, wonders around.

743 A.F. August 11 After going different directions, Zarp gets attacked by a Dark Warrior.

743 A.F. August 15 Zarp finds himself inside Blades's mansion, almost dies but Eranak saves him in time. Blade tells them a secret about the Crystal.

743 A.F. August 16 Zarp and Company stops at a DT station to do more research but with the lack of Information, they head off to a planet filled with information. Before getting anywhere a masked man joins the group.

743 A.F. August 20 Zarp and Company lands on Gluks and finds themselves getting attacked by General Willsting. They head to Utobeya.

743 A.F. Between August 20-September 5 Zarp fights Blade for the final time sees Dr Tsume run away. Blade decides to tag along.

743 A.F. September 6-12 General Canzen invades Xian

743 A.F. September 12 General Canzen dies and the invasion stops, war is formally declared between The Zakin Empire and Western DT.

743 A.F. September 15 Everyone goes their own way to help defend the planets from Dr. Tsume Army, Zarp and Aeyke goes to Jaraii to liberate it.

743 A.F. September 20 Zarp kills Sprilz and brings freedom to everyone in Jaraii.

743 A.F. September 21 Zarp goes inside a training simulation and gets locked in it, he fights himself.

743 A.F. October 3 Zarp gets freed and after getting dragged to a DT station to plan an attack on Zakin. But word gets out that Fallion is in bad shape so Zarp decides to go there.

743 October 4 Zarp sees the planet of Fallion get turned into a wasteland.

743 A.F. October 5 Zakin forces retreat but not before Zarp kills Sargeist.

743 A.F. October 15 DT decides to destroy a holding base for the Zakin Army before moving on to the main planet. The battle of Cerebel starts.

743 A.F. October 18 Zarp and Company go on the battle to find that it was a decoy and the real base was on Doiest. They go over and end up facing Blade's brother Drakon. Drakon gets away and leaves the other Zakin troops behind

743 A.F. October 19 The battle of Cerebel and Doiest is over with DT winning. DT starts making plans to attack Zakin.

743 A.F. October 20 The plan to attack Zakin starts, get attacked by Eigmon, but DT quickly kills it. After reaching Zakin, the battle starts

743 A.F. October 28 Zarp and Company are sent through capsules so they can breach the defense of the planet but the Coords got messed up and they ended up crashing into a Flag Ship, after a heavy battle inside the ship it falls crashing down towards Zakin. Zarp makes his way towards Zakin Tower while some others got the defense system down so the ground troops could land and while the confusion starts Zarp along with Eranak sneaks into the tower. They face Dr Tsuma almost both dying until Zarp released some of his unknown power and killed Dr Tsuma once and for all and put the stop to this war.

743 A.F. November 2 Zarp and Company is celebrated as a War Hero

743 A.F. November 5 The Crystal opens a portal and Zarp goes through and finds the alter where the Crystal is supposed to go. Zarp puts the Crystal in the alter but at the same time weakening the spell on the Chrono Beast, the primal form of Chornos, making him attack Zarp but for only for a moment before Zarp is teleported out of the pocket dimension

Saga IIEdit

744 A.F. May 15 Eranak goes on a public broadcast saying he alone was the one who defeated Dr Tsume. A mysterious woman named Kyurri attacks and warns Zarp about the future

744 A.F. May 17 Mazu challenges Zarp, Eranak, Ayeko, Masked Man and Blade to a game and invites them to his castle on Bastex, Blade declines the offer.

744 A.F. May 20-23 Zarp and company enters the castle and plays this so called game, ends up with them having to kill Mazu, Zarp and the rest sees Gly before he retreats.

744 A.F. May 24 Zarp and company decides to search out information on Gly and Mazu.

744 A.F. May 26 Zarp and Ayeko kiss on the fairies wheel, Masked Man finds out that Gly and Mazu used to work for Dr. Tsume.

744 A.F. May 30 Zarp and company set off in order to find them.

744 A.F. June 3 Zarp and company finds one of Gly's warship

744 A.F. June 4 Zarp and company attack the warship, finds out that they plan on locating the element crystals shards that were released after Zarp placed the Crystal in the alter.

744 A.F. June 9 Zarp and company located Gly's main base on Isarr.

744 A.F. June 10 Zarp and company infiltrate the base and kills Chasu who is guarding the base while Gly was gone. Gly comes back before they were able to leave and nearly kills them. He locks them up in order to punish them for killing his old master.

744 A.F June 18. Zarp and company finally escapes the prison and defeats Rarasu.

744 A.F. June 19 Zarp and company return to DT headquarters in order to find more information. They found out that the elemental crystals have been locked away in the deepest part of space and can only be unlocked via element keys. Before leaving after getting a new lead on a sighting on Gyrilia, Zarp gets summoned to speak to the leader of DT. Zarp tells his father he can handle this by himself.

744 A.F. June 20 Zarp learns that the planet is filled with females only any male caught will be put in jail. Ayeko has an idea to dress everyone up to look like females. Eranak flat out refuses before Ayeko gets a chance to finish explaining and the Masked Man is nowhere to be seen. Leaving only Zarp and Ayeko to seek out the elemental crystal key on Gyrilia

744 A.F. June 21 Eranak and the Masked Man go seek out the other elemental crystals while Zarp hiding as a girl goes into the castle to search for the elemental crystal it but runs into Queen Swiz who sees through Zarp's disguise and attacks him. She almost got defeated till she sent Mesakura who knocked Zarp out cold from behind.

744 A.F. June 22 June 22 Zarp is put on trial, they quickly charge him with being a male and is put on death row.

744 A.F. June 24 Zarp is about to be hanged but got freed with the help of Ayeko and he then fights Mesakura and destroys it and takes the fire element key that was inside of it and runs away.

744 A.F. June 25 Zarp and Ayeko finds a way off the planet after stealing a ship.

744 A.F. July 4 Zarp and Ayeko regroups with Eranak and the Masked Man. They land on Elken and fight Gosu for control of the wind element key. After defeating him they learn of one of Gly's bases that hold the earth element key.

744 A.F July 14 Zarp and company land on Sype and infiltrates Gly's base. . After getting in and stealing the crystal key, Kakoon finds them and attacks them and ends up killing himself by using a bazooka energy gun the wrong way. Before they could escape they were attacked by GaiRo but was able to destroy it in time before the base was blown up.

744 A.F. July 17 Gly finds their starship and attacks with full force and then takes it over. He takes all the crystal keys, kills the Masked Man and mocks Eranak telling him that he created him and can easily undo him anytime he wants. Gly tells Zarp that he will let them live to see the terror of the beast that will be released with the power of the crystals. Eranak leaves in shame.

744 A.F. July 18 Zarp and Ayeko head for Gluks to try to learn where the crystals might be, Fansu follows them and overhears them and relays the information back to Gly. Zarp defeats Fansu after he noticed Fansu was following them. King Gluks tells them his family has been the keepers of the water element key for generations and tells how to get to the Water Temple.

744 A.F. July 22 Zarp and Ayeko finds the Water Temple in space that holds the water elemental crystal. They unlock the temple using the key. Eranak finally shows up again, saying he will kill Gly. After almost drowning in the temple and passing the temple's test they were able to get the water elemental crystal. They set off to go to the Wind Temple.

744 A.F. July 27 They finally got the wind crystal after running into Gly’s army inside the Wind Temple.

744 A.F. August 4 They make it to the Fire Temple but they were too late, the fire elemental crystal was already gone. They fought the remainder of Gly's army in the temple and left to go to the Earth Temple.

744 A.F. August 6 Zarp and company were able to pass the test in order to get the earth elemental crystal but got ambushed by Gly and were left to die as he took all the crystals.

744 A.F. August 15 Zarp and company follows them to Aethera where Gly was trying to summon the Chrono Beast. Zarrp and they rush to try to stop the summon but were stopped by KakoonRo and after they defeated him, they were knocked out by an explosion.

744 A.F. August 16 Zarp and company wake up inside a dark room, Gly announces that because of them the summon didn't work and that he will enjoy their execution via a robot version of Dr Tsume, TsumeRo. They managed to hold their own and after a long battle they defeat TsumeRo and escape the room. As they were fighting Gly's army inside the battleship, the Kiwashiku attacks making it a three-way battle. Gly quickly flees with the elemental crystals. Zarp and company make it to the bridge and meets the leader of Kiwashiku. Kiwa tells Zarp he recently learned of his brother's death and decided to get revenge. Zarp and co fight him but shortly into the fight he stops and blows up the bridge and teleports away. They crash land on Aethera. August 18, 744 A.F. Zarp and co awaken from the crash. They set off to find their ship and sense that someone with a high energy level is following them.

744 A.F. August 21 They reached their ship and is attacked by Saya who was following them. He wanted to know if they were acting alone. They were no match for Saya and would have been defeated if not for some stray members of Gly's army attacking. Zarp and co quickly left in their ship while Saya was busy with Gly's forces. They decided to head to Gulks after getting a distress call from there.

744 A.F. August 23 Zarp and company landed on Gulks, seeing the library in ruins. Youl and Emban of the Kiwashiku tells them that the King was useless and was killed. Zarp and co kill Youl but Emban was able to flee. They go to the dying king who tells them that Kiwashiku was paid by a group of people to steal the crystals and they thought he would know how to track them. The King then pulls out a device and hands it to Zarp, telling him that with that he will be able to find the crystals.

744 A.F. August 27 Zarp and company finally track down Gly who was hiding on Noctis.

744 A.F. August 28-30 Zarp and company enter Gly's fortified castle. After going through the first floor they face GaiGaiRo which they were able to destroy. They climbed floor after floor till they reached the top. Gly was waiting for them and was about to attack but was stopped when Kiwashiku joined the fight. Emban and Ruketo start attacking Zarp's group while Saya starts attacking Gly. Sensing defeat Emban ran away leaving Ruketo behind. Zarp and co defeated Ruketo and they rushed to where Saya and Gly were fighting. Suddenly there was a hole in the roof and before they could blink Saya was killed by a man named Lynn. Gly managed to flee his castle. Lynn followed after. After they left the castle they witness a huge battle going on between Gly's army, Kiwashiku and the new group called Shen. Iaimuko of the Kiwashiku and Vaden of Shen were fighting each other. Eranak decided to join the fight and tried to attack both of them. Zarp was attacked by Hakisakku while Ayeko is attacked by Emban who she was able to beat. Zarp defeats Hakisakku and helps Eranak finish all Iaimuko. Vaden retreats and then they get attacked by Maurelle who beats them. Lynn finds Gly and kills him and takes the elemental crystals. He and his men leave the battle. Kiwa finds them weakened and is prepared to kill them but he was sliced in half by Blade. Blade then goes on to kill the rest of Gly's army.

744 A.F. September 1 Blade rejoins Zarp's group and head towards Lynn's location. Along the way, they are stopped by La Roux of Shen. Before they could defeat La Roux he flees. They finally found Lynn who was doing a ritual using the elemental crystals. Zarp and company try to get closer to Lynn but is blocked by Vaden, Maurelle, Delmare and La Roux. A huge fight breaks out and slowly the four were becoming weaker and weaker till they disappeared and was absorbed by Lynn. Lynn then summoned hundreds of shadow puppets. Zarp went for Lynn while the rest dealt with the puppets. Zarp entered the portal and faced Lynn who nearly killed him but Lynn made a small mistake which Zarp took advantage of and was able to kill him before he killed Zarp. Zarp collectors the elemental crystals and brings them to the DT HQ.

September 10 744 A.F. The Western DT Council along with Zarp's father decided to hide the elemental crystals on a planet called Terra.

Saga III and beyondEdit

744 A.F. September 11 - 747 A.F. May 9 Tsuzhka trains Zarp in fighting along with leadership and piloting skills in order for Zarp to lead his own team officially. Zarp also does small missions along with training.

746 A.F. August 14 Tsuzhko disappears from the public. Rumours about her death start.

747 A.F. February 7 Neo Kodica attacks a DT West space station that was holding GMX-0 prototypes.

747 A.F. February 10 Wulfgor along with Norrin investigates the attack on the space station.

747 A.F. May 10 Tsuzhka gives Zarp a repulsorcraft as gift

747 A.F. May 11 Zarp lands on Aneuro to test out his new repulsorcraft. When he got out to take a break someone stole his repulsorcraft.

747 May 13 Zarp finds the thief but ends up getting tied up.

747 A.F. May 14 Zarp is freed by an Aneurian who is seeking the thief as well.

747 A.F. May 17 Zarp and Martisk sneaks in the thief's base on the planet. Learn that she is a space pirate travelling with a group of women. Zarp learns that the women is named Ryoko. They drive the space pirates off the planet besides one who ends up being Kyurri. She warns Zarp again and tells him that great danger surrounds him. He goes back to the nearest DT space center.

747 A.F. May 20 Xian is attacked by a fleet of battleships. The DT fleet that was stationed at Xian was able to hold off the attacking fleet till reinforcement arrived.

747 A.F. May 21 Zarp joins the defense with the reinforcement and goes with a commando team to take the captial ship. Zarp fights Guillaume and forces him to tell him about who sent him here. Zarp reports to the DT council about how one of the Emperors plotted against DT.

747 A.F. May 23 DT West approves Tsuzhka's plan to sent a team to the South Emperors controled space to find out more information. Tsuzhka assembles a team of five people; Zarp, Wulfgor, Norrin, Vlade Locke, and Amai give them each GMX-0. They set off.

747 A.F. May 24 Zimp was born to Tsuzhka and Tsuzhko but is kept secret, Tsuzhko reappears in public.

749 A.F Zarp and Co fight Neo Zodica in their GMX-0s, one by one members of the Neo Zodica finally die. Zarp defeats the leader who crashes on the planet. Zarp and co invade the North Emperor's capital planet, they fight him and are losing the battle till the leader of Neo Zodica comes and joins the fight. Together they defeat him thus ending the bloody two year war.

752 A.F. During one of Zimp's visit on Zarp's home on Bastex's moon they were attacked by Jagaimo and the Gweebos who kidnapped Zimp.

754 A.F. May 15 Zimp goes to the DT Academy where he will meet and befriend MikoChan and Lylith

758 A.F. Zimp graduates from the DT Academy

759 A.F. February 20 Zimp enters the primary DT tournament and is one of the five winners.

759 A.F. March 19 Zimp finishes the placement tournament and gets first place after facing Syanna in the final match. Zimp gets placed on Zarp's team.

759 A.F. March 24 Tsuzhka and Tsuzhko are murdered.

759 A.F. March 25 Zarp and Zimp are arested for the murder of Tsuzhka and Tsuzhko.

759 A.F. September After much effort Zarp and Zimp learns who really killed their parents, they defeat him and are clear of all charges.

760 A.F. February 1 Zarp is granted leader of Western DT.

769 A.F. June 12 Zarp and Zimp gets an invite to the Kamvalon Tournamnent along with Eranak, Blade and 860 of some of the strongest people by King Thurra of Kamvalon. The toournament starts in four months, everyone starts training.

769 A.F. October 1 Everyone invited to the tournament lands on Kamvalon.

769 A.F. After the tournament they join forces with the King and his knights to defeat an Empire wanting to uses the galaxy gun. Later it turns out the King wanted to uses it himself so they stopped him and his Knights. They left and tried to opened a door to Chornos to become gods but opened the demon gate and was merged with the second guardian. They finally beat him after a long fight. Later Qianwan, sometimes known as 1 mill Kill, will learn about the demon gates and learn about Diaboli and starts making plans to summon him.

September 7th 774 A.F. Anuerians land on Earth and start creating a colony.

September 20th 774 A.F. Zarp along with Zimp decides to investigate strange activity on Earth. As they reach Earth their ship is attacked and they each take an escape pod, Zarp lands in a huge canyon while Zimp lands near an active volcano.

September 28th 774 A.F. Zarp and Zimp meet up and find the Anuerian colonies on Earth.

October 16 774 A.F. Zarp and Zimp find the Queen of the Anuerian Colony and destroy her.

October 774 A.F. Zarp and Zimp try to contact DT but there is interference preventing them from any contact. They blend in to try not to attact attention while trying to figure out the cause of the interfence.

February 775 A.F. Zarp and Zimp learn about Dr Tsume being alive and on Earth.

July 775 A.F. Zarp and Zimp finally defeat Dr. Tsume and shutdown the field around Earth.

May 776 A.F. Clones of the past Emperors show up and attack them, after defeating them the High Emperor from the future shows up and kidnaps Zarp, Zimp and Artidort. They learned that their future selves have been drained and died and learned they were going to meet the same fate. They manage to fight back and kill the High Emperor and go back to their time.

August 776 A.F. The High Emperor of the present time lands on Earth but is quickly defeated he tells them they are all doomed since Azadder is on the way.

July 777 A.F. Zarp is trapped in a different dimension, Future Zarp along with a mysterious person helps Zimp train

After July 777 A.F. They face a female Android harem

December 777 A.F. Two weeks before Azadder attacks things start getting out of control, Zarp returns

December 25th 777 A.F. -Azadder, the green lizard, (Saejce) is killed by Zarp,, Zimp and Artidort. Zarp dies as the result.

Between 778-779 A.F. - Zarp is brought back to life.

July 779 A.F. Zarp and Zimp try to find the Four Elemental Crystals.

March 780 A.F. An Animatron in blue gets the Fire Emerald from Artidort's betrayal.

October 780 A.F. Caujin is summoned using the Elemental Crystals as a source of energy.

November 1 781 A.F. Qianwan tournament starts

August 17 790 A.F. Zarp defeats the nemesis.

September 14 790 A.F. Teono Yumaphen and Kairos appears over Nakada and starts fighting, Zarp sensing this joins the fight and helps Teono defeat Kairos. After the battle both Teono and Kairos fade into nothingness.

September 25 790 A.F. The Council Council votes on recreating DT North, makes DT Earth the new hub for it.

February 5 792 A. F. Zarp, seals himself along with King Jin.

1235 A.F. Teono Yumaphen , Yuni Kashnand Tsuzhka was transported to this time via a time portal. They encounter a group known as SGA subjugating the planet. They help a newly formed rebel group, the RSGA, in fighting against SGA. Dakanin join the party and they defeat SGA Governor. After they leave via the time portal the rest of the rebels decide to leave the planet in order to destroy SGA. with them.