The Chronoverse was created when the Time of God was fighting with another powerful god, and when the Time god created a massive energy attack at the other god it manged to reflected it back at the cost of its life. Once the energy attack hit the Time God it created what we now know as the Cronovese.

Western ChronoverseEdit

Alpha SectorEdit

Euron SystemEdit

Planet AneuroEdit

Planet BastexEdit

Planet CerebralEdit


Planet LinccaEdit

Planet KyumusumeEdit

N'kin SystemEdit

Planet NakcainEdit

Planet XianEdit

Planet MextexEdit

Planet WopblueEdit

Farasho SystemEdit

Planet FallionEdit

Planet JaraiiEdit

Planet YukashoEdit

Zerg SystemEdit

Planet HaveremEdit

Planet ShinrinEdit

Planet TabbyakuEdit

Planet ElkenEdit

Planet OtzaargEdit

Dust SystemEdit

Planet VinseyaEdit

Planet UtobeyaEdit

Trenat SystemEdit

Planet QutamiEdit

Planet RikoshenEdit

Planet IsarrEdit

Gluk SystemEdit

Planet GluksEdit

Kanqin SystemEdit

Planet ZakinEdit

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