Idai Yowai the 5th is the son of Idai Yowai the 4th and unknown mother.

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Idai comes from the planet Xian. Idai's goal is to go to the DT Academy and to become better than Zarp.


Zarp's training first started when at a really young age, but because his mother didn't like the idea his father stopped training till he stated again when Zarp was five. Now at age six Zarp will be going to school for more training.

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After having Xian invaded by Shizu Zarp and Idai Yowai went off to stop Shizu but when they meet him they found out that Zarp's father was in chains and Shizu then started pounding the daylights out of Idai wa dai till he couldn't move so then Zarp went into the battle but also didn't last long also and would have died if not for Tsuzhka breaking the chains and defeating Shizu at the last minute.

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